Epilepsy Home Remedies and Natural Cure

Epilepsy describes a chronic symptom in which repeated fits or attacks of unconsciousness occur without or with confusions. It’s a serious disorder of the nervous system. It happens both in children and grown-ups. Most attacks, however, exist in childhood as well as in early adult existence. Attack rates show a progressive loss of frequency as we grow older.

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Epilepsy is an extremely ancient disease which stricken a few of the world’s finest personalities, including Napoleon, Alexander and Julius Caesar. The particular word “epilepsy” originates from the Greek word meaning “to get upon”. The traditional people thought that evil spirits joined your body of the individual stricken, grabbed upon his soul and put his body into withdrawal leading to convulsions.

The Greeks thought that the gods caused this ailment. The first Christian believers blamed the satan for withdrawal leading to convulsions. Among the primary problems a thief with epilepsy needs to face is continual uncertainty if she or he may have a panic attack on any particular occasion.

Patients might find themselves more and more inhibited from participating in social occasions due to the understandable fear they might humiliate themselves by getting another attack. They also encounter difficulties in employments along with other associations.
Signs and symptoms

Epilepsy is identified by recurrent sudden attacks at irregular times. The patients twitch convulsively and fall unconscious down over these attacks which cause tremendous nervous upheaval. There’s two primary kinds of epilepsy referred to as petit mal and grand mal. Each follows its very own specific pattern.

In petit mal, that is a less serious type of epilepsy, a panic attack is inconsistent inside a couple of seconds. The individual includes a momentary lack of awareness, without any withdrawal leading to convulsions except a slight rigidity, or there might be slight attack of withdrawal leading to convulsions like a jerk, or movement from the eyes, mind trunk or limbs, without any perceptible lack of awareness.

The individual might not fall. He might all of a sudden stop what he’s doing after which resume it once the attack has ended, without being aware what has happened. Petit mal attacks can happen anytime in existence but they are most typical in youngsters. The attack just in case of grand mal has a dramatic effect.

You will find violent contractions from the arms, legs and the body, supported with a sudden lack of awareness. Prior to the start of a panic attack, some patients possess a warning or aura by means of strange sensations like a current of air or perhaps a stream water flowing on the body, noises, smells and flashes of sunshine.

Inside a typical attack; the individual cries out, falls down manages to lose awareness and evolves withdrawal leading to convulsions. Using the withdrawal leading to convulsions will come foaming in the mouth, twitching from the muscles, biting from the tongue, altered fixation of braches, rotation from the mind and deviation from the eyes. The individual may come unglued of his urine and faces.

The attack may last several minutes and it is usually adopted with a deep sleep. On getting out of bed, he might remember nothing of the items became of him. Individuals who are afflicted by epilepsy aren’t abnormal in almost any alternative way. They often realize that fits could be triggered off by particular stimuli. Between epileptic attacks, their brain functions normally.


Epilepsy denotes electrical malfunctioning inside the brain because of harm to cognitive abilities or some inherited abnormality. There are lots of reasons for epilepsy. Digestive disturbances, intestinal toxemia along with a strained nervous condition are extremely frequently the primary reason for petit mal.
Grand mal usually is a result of hereditary influences, serious shock or injuries towards the brain or central nervous system. Meningitis, typhoid, along with other illnesses attendant with prolonged hot temperature may also result in grand mal.epilepsy-home-remedies

Epilepsy may result from other factors. It might derive from allergic responses to particular food substances, especially some particular type of protein the primary constituent of meat. Circulatory disorders for example hardening of arterial blood vessels resulting in the mind might also cause epileptic seizures. This kind is rare and happens only in very aged people.

Chronic alcoholism, lead poisoning, cocaine along with other such habits may also result in this ailment. Other reasons for epileptic seizure include mental conflict, deficient mineral assimilation, particularly of magnesium and calcium and wrong vitamin metabolic process. Based on some scientists, hypoglycemia or low bloodstream sugar can also be involved generally of epilepsy.