Herpes Infection Natural Cure

In recent years, several studies have been conducted with the desire of determining the effectiveness of natural cures for herpes. 

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The findings of these studies paved the way for the development of various treatments for people who are looking for a solution to their herpes infection.

There has been proof that over the counter prescription medicines may have harmful complications as opposed to the favorable effects that the natural methods can give to a patient. Consequently, people may choose an alternative all natural treatment.

The desire to find a herpes cure have led to a wide array of studies that involve antiviral herbs, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and C, and bioflavonoids, a common ingredient in fruits and vegetables. The different studies concentrating on these substances have yielded positive effects in the fight the herpes virus.

Thyme is one of the most popular solutions for herpes simplex. This substance is found in tea and is commonly applied to the blisters as an internal antiseptic. Frequent use of thyme in treating herpes infection can greatly reduce the frequency of outbreaks.

Camellia Sinensis is also an effective herpes substance as well. It acts as an immune booster, which is the body’s primary defense against the herpes-causing virus. Although it is effective in battling HSV 1, camellia sinensis is not as efficient on HSV 2.

Another commonly used natural cure for herpes is bioflavonoids. It is found in several varieties of food such as onions, berries, spices, and apples. It works by reducing the activity of the virus by making them inactive or completely dormant.

Omega 3 works by strengthening the cell walls. As a natural remedy, omega 3 prevents the herpes virus from penetrating the cell walls and reach the nucleus. As a result, the possibility of getting herpes is reduced, as the virus is unable to penetrate the cell wall.

Simultaneously taking vitamin A, C, and zinc can strengthen your body’s immune system. The natural herpes remedy like zinc increases the number of lymphocytes, which can be a barrier against viral infection.

The potential of getting an STD is lessened because of the accessibility of natural cures for herpes. Research on natural treatments is still taking place. But for now, you may have to contend yourself with the various alternative solutions that offers momentary relief from herpes infection.

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