When it comes to proper nutrition and being healthy, we are what we eat but men and women are made up differently and will need a different nutrition plan for either sex. Men have a faster metabolism and also have more muscle mass naturally than women do. It is very important then for men to eat foods or incorporate foods in their diet that helps them maintain their best bodies.

Men tend to have a higherfoods that boost male erection risk of heart attack, stroke or develop heart disease and later on in life developing prostate cancer so men need to make their diet, high protein nutrient rich so as to fight back the ill effects of these diseases.  SO me foods that are important to incorporate in a man’s diet for great overall health are:

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The foods that boost erection, are definitively a great tonic to a stable relationship as a pleasant intimacy will spice up your love life with your spouse. It is believed that the majority of erectile dysfunction and weak erection problems are derivate from deficient nutrition and most of erection boosting foods will feed you with the nutrients that your body and mind need for a better erection.

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