The Panic Hack

The Panic Hack

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Did you know that inside the nerve cells of every panic and anxiety sufferer there’s a “panic gene?”

This microscopic gene is hidden away deep inside your DNA and is switched OFF until environmental stress causes it to become active.

Once you experience just the right amount of environmental stress or trauma…your anxiety gene gets switched ON and you experience:

These intense panic and anxiety sensations TAKE OVER your emotional mind and BLOCK your brain’s ability to help you relax and be calm.

Picture a speeding car on a racetrack where the driver suddenly loses consciousness while their foot is STILL ON THE GAS PEDAL…

That’s exactly what it’s like inside of your nervous system right now.

Your anxiety switch has been flipped ON by this little “panic gene” and it’s causing you to lose control of your fear mechanism.

Commonly prescribed medication actually creates a feedback loop that causes your nervous system to press the panic button harder…

Think about that the next time you want to pop a chill pill and take your stress away. While you may be getting temporary relief…you’re only causing your nervous system to make that little panic switch get STUCK ON!

Giant pharmaceutical companies spend billions lobbying our government and marketing their products to both consumers and doctors alike.

In fact…according to a leading online investigative newsroom...

It sure seems like Big Pharma will do anything in their power to keep doctors reaching for their prescription pads…instead of investigating natural, inexpensive and safe ways to stop panic and anxiety.

They mean well and they work hard but when it comes to panic attacks they don’t realize…

But here’s the good news…you’re about to discover a breakthrough stress hack based on proven neuroscience that is helping panic and anxiety sufferers just like YOU to finally switch off that nasty little “panic gene”

I know that it might sound unbelievable but in a minute I’m going to show you a simple way that you can…

The best part about this new breakthrough stress solution is that it works WITH your nervous system so that ANY panic sufferer can get instant relief

And here’s the kicker…you don’t have to “try” to stop your panic attacks and anxiety, in fact…“trying” to stop panic attacks is a big part of your problem.

None of the previous experts, counselors, doctors or pharmacists understood the link between the “panic gene” hidden deep inside the cells of your nervous system and the horrifying sensations that are making you miserable.

They don’t understand that even if you’re just sitting at home watching TV, or out shopping, or even just driving in your car…

Your “panic gene” is being switched on by the tiniest amount of stress and causing your brain to react with a feeling of impending doom, a surreal feeling like you are “losing your mind,” or even feeling like you could actually DIE!

It’s exactly the reason why it’s NOT YOUR FAULT that other panic and anxiety solutions failed to work for you.

Instead of the “same-old, same-old” lies about ancient Chinese herbal secrets, voo-doo hypnosis, and magical panic relieving pills and potions…

You need a NEW approach to get fast, lasting relief for your panic attacks. One that combines the latest research about your unique DNA that makes your nervous system different than ordinary people and is specially designed to hack into the very part of your brain that is currently blocked by your “panic gene.”

You need a solution that…

Why is Neurophysiologic Inversion™ the answer to finally achieving the fast relief and lasting freedom from chronic anxiety and panic attacks that you know you deserve…?

Because it activates your emotional memories, stored in a special part of your brain that’s currently being ravaged by having your “panic gene” in the ON position all the time

It’s the only way you can finally get free.

As you know by now…once you experience your first panic attack, you become “sensitized” and your nervous system flips that “panic gene” ON and BLOCKS your brain from being able to suppress your fear…

No matter how hard you try…how many pills you swallow or how many breathing techniques you use…you simply can’t stop the attacks from coming.

You see, because the anxiety switch in your nervous system has been flipped ON for so long…your nerves are actually wired differently than a non-sufferer. Your emotional brain more easily links everyday experiences with extremely dangerous ones.

A part of your brain that is responsible for linking and storing all of your memories to your emotions amplifies the sensation of fear associated with normal, everyday, stressful situations.

So even eating out with friends, driving in a car, or just LEAVING YOUR HOUSE can become a terrifying, overwhelming experience that leaves you feeling paralyzed.

You start to refuse to get involved with life because you’re afraid you’ll experience a panic attack and totally embarrass yourself and worse…feel that agonizing fear that yet another attack is on the way all over again.

However, you can REVERSE this process.

ANY panic and anxiety sufferer can once again start to experience their natural confidence, the freedom of knowing that they can travel, drive, and go out with friends without feeling fear of panic and anxiety.

You just need to tap into the power of your emotional memories using Neurophysiologic Inversion™ to hack the part of your nervous system that the dreaded “panic gene” is BLOCKING.

Once you start to engage this part of your brain with your own thinking…you can STOP panic attacks and anxiety in just 17 seconds…and release all of the fear and frustration that’s currently causing you to rearrange your life around panic and anxiety.

You see…really the panic switch in your DNA causes your nervous system to become especially sensitive to certain kinds of experiences and thoughts.

Right now, because stress from your environment (or even internally produced stress from your own mind) is turning the “panic gene” ON…you are suppressing the ability that your emotional brain has inside it already to calm you down and reverse the effects of panic and anxiety.

But this is actually GREAT NEWS!

Because it means that your emotional mind can just as intensely experience feelings like joy, relaxation, confidence and calm…

All you need to do is learn this simple 17 Second Stress Hack to automatically and instantly turn ON your brain’s natural calming system to completely annihilate:

You literally apply this cutting-edge anxiety hack to ANY stressful, anxious, or panicky feelings you have at the first moment you become aware of them (I’ll show you how in just a minute) and you turn those stressful feelings upside down.

Instead of feeling panicky, hopeless, and out-of-control…

You’ll feel calm, relaxed, and confident.

The problem with all the other programs out there, and even with mainstream treatments like drugs and counseling…

They focus on techniques to manage the feelings of anxiety and panic and make it easier to cope.

They don’t give you the #1 thing you need in order to truly stop your panic attacks and anxiety in just seconds and keep it from coming back forever…

They don’t teach you how to hack into your emotional memories and switch off your “panic gene.”

My name is Tom Talbot and I suffered with panic attacks and crippling anxiety for 12 years.

I had my first panic attack at the young age of 19 and continued to have them throughout early adulthood and well into my late 20s.

At first, I thought that despite the fact that I was young and in the prime of my life, I was somehow having a heart attack.

I was rushed to the ER, given an EKG, had blood drawn…the usual battery of tests.

The doctor came back and told me that what I had experienced was just an anxiety attack and that I should find healthy ways to cope with stress and get more sleep.

She also gave a prescription for a sedative to help me just in case the panic feelings ever returned.

Little did I know that the anxiety wouldn’t leave and would just continue to get worse and worse and that I would need to use more of the pills just to get even the slightest relief.

I ended up becoming addicted to the medications and created a whole new set of problems for myself…all because I didn’t have the simple hack for panic attacks and anxiety that I’ve now taught to hundreds of anxiety and panic sufferers from all walks of life just like you.

A galaxy of different drugs and herbal nutraceuticals…

EFT tapping (really embarrassing to do in public, but I was DESPERATE!)

Every famous self-help book you could possibly think of (I wouldn’t even leave my house at my worst so I had lots of time to read)

Then, one day…when I was sitting at the bus stop (I refused to drive out of fear of having a panic attack) I happened to meet a TRUE EXPERT.

He asked me “have you ever experienced chronic anxiety?”

I just looked back at him speechless…I couldn’t believe he could possibly know.

“I don’t mean to pry…”

He said…“I specialize in anxiety recovery and you look like a lot of my clients.”

“Actually”…he said “I used to specialize…I’ve decided to retire because with the big insurance and pharmaceutical companies controlling the game, I can’t practice the way I really want.”

For some reason I felt comfortable with him…he had a good sense of humor and really seemed to understand exactly what I had gone through.

Before I caught my bus he handed me a card and said “I’ve got 2 months left on my lease so if you’re interested call my secretary and I’ll get you in.”

I put the card away and forgot about it because I felt like I had already tried everything and sadly, I really didn’t think at that time it was possible for me to recover.

I just came to accept that these terrifying attacks were something I would have to learn to put up with for the rest of my life.

At best, I could try some of the same old distraction techniques or thought exercises and hope that they would at least help me manage my panic attacks…but permanent relief…NO WAY!

But something happened to me later that week while on the bus on my way to work that made me desperate enough to want to try again.

My panic attacks happened during the early morning hours and at night most of the time.

During the day, even though I did feel anxious pretty much all the time…I didn’t tend to have all-out panic attacks.

But that day on the bus…I had a MASSIVE ONE!

I balled myself up as wave after wave of intense fear came over me…

Everyone on the bus was looking at me and the bus driver pulled the bus over thinking there was some kind of medical emergency.

A woman two seats up even dialed 911 on her cell phone as I just huddled there hopeless to stop what was happening to my body and mind.

It seemed like an eternity before I came out of it just a minute or two before the ambulance arrived and I had to explain to the medics that I wasn’t in any danger.

The terror of that attack, the embarrassment of it happening in public and causing such a scene, and the feeling of complete and total hopelessness ended up turning into anger.

I decided right then and there…that I had been a prisoner to this nasty problem LONG ENOUGH!

I was going to solve this problem once and for all…even if it killed me!

My resolve was strong but there was just one teeny, tiny problem…

That’s when I remembered about the card that the psychiatrist had given to me.

I made a call and made an appointment to see him…even though I “knew” that I probably couldn’t afford it and that he probably would just tell me another mouthful of the same old advice I had gotten before:

Keep a journal and challenge your thinking

Try and let the panic “pass over you”

I was astonished to walk into his office and see pictures of him with martial arts masters and Asian artifacts hanging on the walls...

As I was browsing the wall I also saw a diploma from the Harvard University School of Psychiatry…

I felt a combination of curiosity and admiration…but I have to admit, I really didn’t know what to expect.

As he sat me down during the normal intake I could tell there was something different about this meeting.

Even though he was a fully-trained medical professional specializing in neuropsychiatry he was also a practicing therapist.

So in his career he’d been involved in both research and therapeutic intervention which gave him a unique insight into how to apply cutting-edge neuroscience and proven thought-based intervention therapies at the same time.

He told me about the dreaded genetic panic switch that was lurking inside my DNA and how this nasty “panic gene” was causing a part of my brain called the Hippocampus which helps link and store emotional memories to block calming sensations and expand fearful ones.

He told me that panic and anxiety sufferers have different DNA that causes normal brain functioning to be blocked once the genetic panic switch gets flipped ON.

Blocking brain function in this way can cause another part of the brain…the Amygdala, which regulates fear, to become overactive.

The good news…he told me…is that you can reverse the process.

By using a very simple technique to directly stimulate your hippocampus and release calming memories you will “unblock” that part of the brain and turn the stress response upside down.

It’s like you’re going to hack into your nervous system and switch off the “panic gene” so that it no longer causes the runaway fear response.

I went through the session in his office that day and I have to admit when I was finished with the session I felt pretty good.

I was more fluid, calm, and carefree than normal.

But the real test came the next morning when I woke up to the normal nagging sensations of a panic attack…

Instead of freaking out I simply used what I had learned a day earlier.

I was told to count to the time I hit 17 Mississippi my anxiety was gone!

Now, I would love to say that this trusty little hack for panic attacks and anxiety shut off the genetic panic switch and never let it come back…

But that wasn’t the case.

However, after that week…instead of having dozens of massive panic attacks…I had just 2 little ones.

I had to keep going and learning more about how to apply this breakthrough thought technology to my panic and anxiety attacks.

Two sessions a week for 6 weeks but in that time…I completely got rid of my panic attacks and anxiety.

I started living my life again…

During the next year I made up for all the time I had lost during the previous 12.

I went out to eat in restaurants without fear…

I started driving again…

I reconnected with old friends…

I went on a tandem skydive (that’s me in the picture)

I even re-enrolled in college to finish my degree in engineering.

I wanted to call my anxiety mentor- the doctor who helped change everything for me and tell him how grateful I was for helping me get my life back AT LAST!

But the only number I had was his office number and that was disconnected since he closed up shop.

After a little investigation I found out that he had moved.

I always felt bad I never had the chance to thank him.

My life changed again when I heard that my friend’s mom was suffering from terrible panic attacks.

She had been to the emergency room several times and had seen 3 specialists, she’d also tried several medications…all to try and get rid of her panic attacks.

Nothing was working for her.

This was a woman who just one year earlier had been director of a local charity, managed a staff of 15 in a corporate marketing department, was socially active, well-travelled, and confident.

She’d gotten to a point where she refused to even leave her house…

Ordinarily I would have just given her the name of the therapist who taught me to hack my own genetic panic switch…

So…I decided to try to help her myself.

I didn’t know what else to do and hearing her story just made me feel like I needed to help.

It only took me one hour to teach her how to use Neurophysiologic Inversion™ to hack her own panic and anxiety.

A few days went by and my phone buzzed and I looked at my screen confused because I didn’t recognize the caller.

It was my friend’s mom calling to tell me that she had stopped a panic attack in seconds…just like I had!

I told her that I wasn’t surprised…but I was really happy for her.

She insisted on paying me for what I taught her.

At first I refused…but then she said “Tom, I was afraid that I would never be able to leave my house again, I had to cancel a trip to Europe with my husband and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown…all because of my anxiety.”

I accepted because it seemed to mean so much to her.

Well…after this, I discovered 2 things really quickly…

Word got out about this hack I had for panic attacks.

My friend’s mom told someone who told someone…and I kept getting calls.

I was surprised that all of these people had the same problem that I did, that many of them were just as frustrated by all the different, ineffective treatment methods, and that none of them knew that the real reason they couldn’t get relief was that they had different DNA that had been switched ON and was no blocking their ability to feel calm, restored, and normal.

I even had ER doctors handing out my number after people came in with anxiety attacks…it was surreal.

I was making some good money in addition to my regular job and HELPING people overcome the same nasty life-destroying anxiety and panic that cost me 12 years of my life.

But a good thing started to become a problem when I started getting too many people calling me…since I’m a regular guy with a day job and an active social life I could only help 2 people a week.

I always had to turn a few people away…that just wasn’t good enough!

So I decided to put everything I know into a blueprint, a simple step-by-step formula ANY sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks could use to hack their nervous system and stop anxiety in 17 seconds…

I am so excited to FINALLY be sharing this so that EVERY sufferer can get relief and know that they don’t have to live with their anxiety and panic.

I want them to know that they can be free naturally, quickly, and permanently just like I and hundreds of other former sufferers are because of this system.

My mission with this system is to help 1 Million sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks become permanently free for life.

It’s an easy to use, follow along system that gives you both instant relief and a true solution to shut down the “panic gene” lurking inside your nervous system and creating chaos in your mind.

I’ve specifically designed it to be super simple so that you’ll get instant relief the SAME DAY you get this breakthrough system.

“I had a panic attack so bad that I thought I was having a heart attack. I had to go to the ER it was so bad. The on staff doctor wrote me a prescription for Xanax. I’m so glad I learned your method before I filled it. I’ve been panic attack free ever since.”

"I thought I would never be able to live without sedatives, my panic attacks were so bad I was struggling to finish school. Your methods really did help me with my panic attacks in just a few seconds. Thank you so much!”

“The stress of working 3 jobs while being a parent was proving too much for me. I found myself having chronic anxiety and panic attacks. These tips have really dialed down my anxiety and I haven’t had a panic attack in months.”

That means you’ll get instant access to all the material when you sign up today.

No waiting around for a course in the mail.

No extra shipping and handling costs.

You will sign up today and get relief TODAY!

Here’s a sneak-peak at what’s inside…

In this done for you video I’ll outline everything you need to start hacking your anxiety and shutting off your “panic gene” starting TODAY.

In these two rapid relief videos I’ll show you two additional breakthrough methods to break the cycle of panic attacks and anxiety light-speed fast. Two extra powerful ways to shut off your genetic panic switch in seconds. They can be done anywhere and no one will even know you are doing them. The best part is…they both give relief in 30 seconds or less!

In this unique guide I’ll teach you a way that you can start retraining your brain using a breakthrough thought-interface technology that amplifies the effects of the 17 Second Anxiety and Panic Hack™ so that you’ll get both light-speed fast relief and long term recovery without long, expensive therapy sessions or mind-numbing drugs.

Want a way to relieve stress, tension and anxiety that’s literally all play and no work? I got you covered in this done-for-you guide that will show you how to play again. This is going to be especially useful and powerful for you since you’re definitely going to feel like connecting with life again after you start hacking your genetic panic switch and getting instant relief from anxiety.

Just like all courageous, inspiring members of Team Talbot…The Panic Hack™ system is always getting better. We are always looking for new ways to make this breakthrough thought-technology even faster, easier, and done-for-you for instant relief and long-term, permanent recovery. You’ll get to benefit from that continuous improvement by getting lifetime upgrades as soon as they’re available for no extra cost.

Lean in for a second because this is probably the most important thing I’ve had to tell you so far.   Even though it kills me to say this…I have to be honest with you that even though The Panic Hack™ can work for ANY sufferer…it isn’t for every sufferer. For instance…

There are no “magical cures” or quick fixes…if I could cure you of anxiety instantly I would be in line for a Nobel Prize. So let’s be honest…people who promise you “magic” aren’t giving you a solution…they’re selling snake oil. You’re too smart for that and I don’t have time…I have a million future former anxiety sufferers to reach with this system.

This is a realistic blueprint to get rapid relief from anxiety and panic attacks in just 17 seconds that actually works.

It’s for frustrated sufferers who are ready to stop looking for “magical solutions” and “quick fixes” and start guaranteeing your PERMANENT FREEDOM instead. You and I both know that you can’t get something for nothing…that’s just not how it works. But if you’re ready to finally start investing in yourself…and you’re willing to put in a little effort…THIS is as easy and fast as it gets for anxiety and panic relief.

I sincerely doubt that Xanax would be faster…at least I didn’t find it that way.

So if you’re ready for a real solution to anxiety and panic attacks…The Panic Hack™ isn’t just a solution for you…it’s the ONLY solution for you.

It also doesn’t include the PRIME YEARS of life that I wasted not having this solution.

But you won’t pay that today…nowhere near.

I offer all my personal coaching clients a lifetime guarantee and no one has EVER taken me up on it…in fact…they usually recommend other people who’ve had the same issue.

But you’re not going to pay that much either…

Incredibly…all you’ll pay today to have this 17-Second Hack™ to switch off the genetic cause of anxiety and panic attacks…is just

That includes: The Panic Hack™ Guide,4 Audios, 2 Videos, and all the bonuses in one done-for-you package that will have you hacking your nervous system and switching OFF your “panic gene” just a few minutes from now.

Here’s the score…I know you’re suffering right now. You’re in a bad place and your anxiety isn’t getting any better.

I know because I was like you once and someone helped me out and gave me a really good deal all at the same time.

Now that cost me a lot more than I’m going to charge you here today…and what I’m offering is a steal…but I still would like to extend the same spirit of generosity to you. So right now…from this page only…I’m going to offer you the entire system for just

Now, I can’t keep The Panic Hack™ at this price much longer.

I know once you get almost instant relief from the Neurophysiologic Inversion™ hack that I’m going to teach you…you’ll want more and you’ll stick with Team Talbot…a global movement of former and future-former panic and anxiety sufferers that I’m creating with the help of people just like you.

You’ll want to invest in yourself more and create even more peace, joy, and abundance in your life.

With the number of people that are going to be seeing this page (good news travels fast) I would expect this discount to be gone by tomorrow.

So trust your instincts and click on the Add To Cart button below to reserve your copy right now.

You’ll be taken to my 100% secure, encrypted checkout page where you’ll fill in all your details and reserve your copy today.

I completely understand skepticism.

I was SUPER skeptical myself when I first started this process.

I just didn’t believe after all the years of suffering that I could really get relief so quickly.

So I don’t blame your for being hesitant.

It just means you’re smart and you have an interest in really taking care of yourself. That instinct will serve you well and guarantees that this system will work for you.

Since I know you have that instinct in you…but just may not really see yourself getting the relief you want right now because of your past struggles…I’m going to make this whole process risk free for you right now.

I’m going to make sure that all of the risk is on me. So you don’t EVEN need to decide right now.

I’m going to extend to you a rock solid, unconditional, no questions asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee…

So don’t hesitate, click “Add To Cart” and reserve your copy today to make sure you lock in this amazing deal.

Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling alive and refreshed.

You’re not fearful that you’ll have a panic attack.

You’re not dreading having to leave your house or get into your car.

You aren’t worried about having a panic attack while sitting in traffic, on a bus, subway or airplane.

Imagine that even if you do still have some anxiety for those first few weeks while you’re learning to shut OFF your genetic panic switch…you have the hack to stop panic and anxiety in just 17 Seconds…so you can feel confident knowing that you don’t have to worry.

Imagine the look on your partner’s face when you say YES to going out to eat.

Imagine the incredible feeling of being on an exotic adventure…miles outside your current comfort zone…WITHOUT even the slightest inkling of anxiety.

Just make sure you drop me a line when you’re there…hearing from former sufferers out living their lives and enjoying each and every minute of panic and anxiety freedom is what I LIVE FOR.

Look you probably already know that panic attacks and generalized anxiety aren’t just going to go away.

You may have only had a couple attacks…

You might be suffering from persistent attacks for years like I did…

Don’t make the mistake of assuming this problem will go away on its own.

It doesn’t…it gets worse.

In fact, the situation is even worse than you thought…

Right now, anxiety and panic have started to create changes to your nervous system, and aren’t just switching ON your “panic gene.”

All that stress is causing a host of genes to get switched ON that are doing more than causing you unnecessary pain.

In fact, according to a recent study out of Ohio State University, severe anxiety can trigger genetic changes to cells that can result in them becoming cancerous!

What’s more… anxious patients were more likely to experience cancerous cells spreading through their body at a faster rate than other patients

But even worse yet, leading researchers at Emory University School of Medicine have found that parents with excessive anxiety could affect the brains and personalities of their children well into adulthood.

The study even suggests that these changes to the brain could be passed on to future generations!

Not to mention that fact that anxiety makes you more susceptible to:

In fact, the strong link between chronic panic and anxiety and Alzheimer’s is so strong, that Forbes magazine recently ran an article urging that suffers get help and relief.

So….I don’t want to pressure you.

You have enough trouble as it is.

I know that all too well.

My goal is just to give you all the facts and really let you know what you’re up against with your panic attacks and chronic anxiety…

Because up until now, your problem with panic and anxiety attacks was not your fault.  But now you’re at the crossroads, if you choose to do nothing you’ll face more than just the possibility of lost sleep.

Today marks the day that you take action! That you take responsibility for your own emotional health and well-being and stop being a victim to special interests and greedy billion dollar corporations that just want to profit from your pain.

Leverage my pain and the unique discovery and TAKE ACTION to get the relief you need by ordering The Panic Hack™ today.

Look, this is your big win.

You know these kinds of opportunities don’t come along very often and when they do…you have to seize them.

As far as I can see you really only have 3 options here:

Continue on the way things are.

Continue to let those nasty attacks sneak up on you for now reason…cause your heart to pound so loud the neighbors can hear it, cause you to feel that intense feeling that the walls are closing in on you, or make you fearful to even leave the house, drive, or be in public because it might trigger an attack and make you look and feel foolish.

That’s not to mention the potential health risks that the unnecessary stress you’re subjecting your body to right now can cause.

I think we can both agree this really isn’t an option.

You could take what you’ve learned here and try and piece it all together yourself. But remember…I learned the basics of this system from someone who spent decades researching fast-acting interventions for the nervous system.

I spent years myself learning more and expanding this system by teaching people personally and leveraging all the new research in the rapidly expanding field of neuroscience to give people the tools, the techniques, and most importantly…the beliefs they need to get fast relief and make that relief permanent.

Trying to do all of this on your own when you’re life keeps getting turned upside down by anxiety and panic attacks…it just doesn’t make sense and it’s extra stress you don’t need.

So this really isn’t an option either.

Which is simply let me do all the hard work for you. Look, the way that I see it my battle with panic attacks and anxiety, is enough suffering for all of us! Leverage my pain and the unique discovery that helped me put a stop to chronic anxiety by getting The Panic Hack™ program in your hands risk-free right now and let the proven methods do the heavy lifting for you.

You’ll be glad you did and I look forward to meeting you on the inside.

To your permanent freedom from panic and anxiety

P.S. I believe in practicing what you preach. That’s me in the picture above: happy, joyous, and carefree nearly a decade removed from my last panic attack. Some of my clients have been free for multiple years as well. So if you think permanent recovery isn’t possible…think again!

P.P.S I know what it’s like to give your life the 10-mile long look and see a dark void staring back at you.  You don’t want to be in that place.  Make the decision that TODAY is your day to act! Claim your future of freedom from panic and anxiety and reserve your spot on Team Talbot for the ridiculously low price!  I know you’ll be glad you did.

Q: What is this Neurophysiologic Inversion™ technology and why does it work so well for any panic suffer

The Panic Hack™ shows you a unique and ultra-fast way to get nearly instant relief from panic and anxiety attacks by tapping into a part of your brain: the hippocampus that is currently malfunctioning from having your “panic gene” flipped ON.

It taps into the natural physiology of your nervous system using a very simple method you can apply quickly to get relief. It also gives you confidence and helps you break the cycle of fear and worry that you’ll have another panic attack so you get both fast and lasting relief.

Q: I’ve tried lots of different techniques, therapies, methods, and medications. Can The Panic Hack™ really help me get relief?

Yes! The problem with most other methods even mainstream treatments like therapy and drugs is that they focus on covering up or “coping” and don’t really get to the root…your unique DNA that is being turned on by panic and anxiety.

Without “unblocking” the very part of your brain that the “panic gene” is switching OFF, not only is relief slow…it often doesn’t come at all!

The Panic Hack™ is a game-changer for all of that because it works on the “neuro-genetic” root of anxiety and panic.

Q: I feel like panic attacks and anxiety are affecting my work. Is there any basis to this or is it all “in my head?”

Unfortunately…those feelings are not all in your head. In fact, a recent study out of the University of Michigan showed that anxiety sensations can hold you back at work-affecting everything from your focus and attention in meetings and even the chances that you’ll get promoted.

Fortunately, the study also shows that individuals like you who sought help and got their anxiety under control are likely to see quick improvements in productivity, job satisfaction, and even your paychecks.

Q: What kinds of symptoms can The Panic Hack™ help me with?

First, you need to know that no two people's panic and anxiety symptoms are exactly the same.

Yet The Panic Hack™ methods can help you whether you suffer from panic or anxiety attacks… ongoing anxiety… fear of having a heart attack… fear of fainting… fear that you're losing your mind… fear of leaving your home, fear of being in public or around other people… phobias and irrational fears… feelings of hopelessness or overwhelm… body tremors and shaking… or any of dozens of other symptoms and side-effects that you may be experiencing right now.

Q: I’m currently seeing a therapist and we’ve actually become friends, will I still have a reason to see him/her after using The Panic Hack™

I visited quite a few talk therapists and even built up a pretty good relationship with a few of them.

You may feel reassured that a mental health professional tells you you’re not “going crazy” or having serious health complications due to your panic and anxiety.

The problem is…you still continue to experience panic and anxiety. So clearly something is missing.

If you want to continue to work on other issues in your life after using The Panic Hack™ you can do so but you won’t have to see your therapist for issues related to anxiety or panic after using this system.

Q: How long will it take to feel relief?

Just like the name implies…The Panic Hack™ gives you fast, natural relief in just 17 seconds!

It leverages a unique scientific truth about your nervous system’s natural physiology that allows you to unblock a part of your brain that is getting shut down during episodes of panic and anxiety by your “panic gene” which breakthrough gene research shows all panic and anxiety sufferers have.

So, while this tiny little gene goes under the radar of mainstream medicine and traditional therapy methods…you’ll be using Neurophysiologic Inversion™ (a fast-acting thought technology) to shut down your genetic panic switch in seconds.

Q: I've been on medication for my panic attacks for a couple months now and now I only get attacks severe enough to send me to the ER once in a while. So I'm just wondering… since I'm actually okay with feeling a little emotionally disconnected and 'numbed out' from life, is it worth the risk to try something else?

I know all about what you’re saying.

I myself struggled with anti-anxiety medication for nearly a decade and even ended up developing dependence to those medications that almost cost me my life! It’s serious business.

Now, while medications can be helpful for a short while…they actually cause changes to the very nerve cells in your brain that your “panic gene” is shutting down.

So really, while they may give you temporary relief…they’re ultimately causing you more harm than good.

That’s probably why the American Association of Family Physicians recommends that you not stay on these medications for more than 3 weeks and the listed side effects include…wait for it…Panic and Anxiety!

You need a real solution that lets you use your own thoughts to stop panic and anxiety in seconds. One that’s scientifically proven and has worked for hundreds of former sufferers just like you.

Q: Does The Panic Hack™ cause side-effects?

Even though it taps into your own brain physiology and activates your nervous system in a unique and hyper-effective way…over 60 years of research shows that thought-techniques just like this are safe and effective for anyone…including children as young as 5 years old.

Q: How Is The Panic Hack™ different from every other solution out there?

The Panic Hack™ is designed to work on the “neuro-genetic” root of panic and anxiety.

It helps to open up pathways in your nervous system that are being blocked by “epigenetic feedback” this just means “having your genetic panic switch flipped ON.”

All the other systems and tactics try and help you cope or manage anxiety or change your thinking…all of which are either too slow or simply ineffective for long term relief.

The Panic Hack™ gives you fast relief in 17 seconds and helps you restructure your brain so your results become permanent.

Q: Is The Panic Hack™ safe for children?

Yes – these methods are safe and effective for children as young as 5 years old who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, stress, and other problems at school.

As a parent, all you need to do is go through the program with your child and help teach the methods to them so they can get fast, permanent results.

Q: What if I get The Panic Hack™ and it doesn't work for me?

I’ve never had anyone who used these methods (including MYSELF!) not get amazing results from them and RAVE about how awesome their lives have become now that they have flipped OFF their genetic panic switch.

It’s not ethical for me to call my system “a cure” but I can say that I and hundreds of other former sufferers have gotten PERMANENT relief from panic and anxiety.

That means no panic attacks, no excessive anxiety, no feeling like you’re having a heart attack, no suffocating feelings like you’re going to stop breathing, and no fear of driving, going out in public, or being around people.

However, again if for any reason you are anything less than totally thrilled with The Panic Hack™, simply send one quick email to the address you'll find inside, and you'll get a prompt, courteous refund of every penny you paid with no hassles or runarounds.

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Once again, I know you'll make the right decision, and I look forward to meeting you inside.

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